shOut concept and objectives
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Formed in the Liege region, during early Spring 2000, SHADOW OUTPOST (shOut) has as its goal, the promotion of electronic music, artistic production and all forms of contemporary art.

Our main activities are organising evening events, exhibitions, and shows offering alternative works, the publication of the fanzine The Shout, this Web site, as well as numerous joint-projects.

We organise events in the aim of promoting the artists most deserving of recognition. The artists give their entire body and soul with the aim of making the work more popular, and we help them in this process. We are there to listen to the artists and we try to allow them into the spotlight.

The starting point for SHADOW OUTPOST is the pooling of ideas between Evelyne, Sam and Jack. We realized that few organizations offered electronic avant-garde events. This spurned us on into taking action.

The first firm and public recognition of SHADOW OUTPOST's existence took place on May 05, 2000, with the help of EX NIHILO (who became a non profit organisation in 2001), at an evening event in the Caves de Cornillon in Liège. This event allowed us to show off the books of Rawakari, Etschaberry, Sub-Skan and Soul&Chips (Rony&Suzy) and to warm the floor with DJ's Seal Phuric, Spacid, AC-Dryk, Bioxyd vs Post-log!q, Billy Boy vs Dixit. This event was a real success, forcing us on even more. Since then, other events have built on this initial success.

It was essentially from November 2000, when we left the status of a non profit organisation that we began to be better recognized for our activities. This status is a way of attaining one of our main objectives: the recognition of electronic music as a cultural movement.

Electronic music takes as inspiration a multitude of existing styles (Jazz, Hip-hop, Rock...) and puts them together. We wish for a greater opening in the new Electronica and Ambient genres, as well as in the experimental branches of Electro, Industrial, Drum&Bass...