Spacid (Funky Green Aliens), 29/08/2000, Gent, Belgium

1. When did you began to mix?

In my first year of elementary school I became the owner of a portable record-player and started playing my records during school lunch breaks. At twelve I toured local festivities and weddings with a self-constructed discobar. I listened to different kinds of music, from Jean-Michel Jarre, KRS1 to Front 242, from Classical music to New Beat. Some of these still influence my STYLE ; Classical music for example remains vital in the way I build up my mix. In 1991 I was invited to play in one of the first housecafés "Le Café" in Kortrijk, my place of birth. On a weekly basis I played Electronic, Deep, Garage and Acid House. All styles mixed together because in these times there was no distinction between the different styles ; everything was electronic music. And there were not so many records for sale, you had to search them really carefully.

2. Can you describe your stylistic evolution from the start till now?

Like I said, in the beginning all electronic music styles were mixed together. I mixed for exemple a Deep House track (MURK) with an acid track (TRAXX). After this period I especially organised parties. I didn't find anything renovating about the music anymore ; so my mixing got on the background until the R&S label woke me up. Guys like Sun Electric, Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, Speedjack and Aphex Twin really did it for me. From then I started to mix again.

When I heard the mixing of BWP for the first time in de PK Polis, I really was impressed. A lot of things changed after crossing the path of BWP (BAD WOOFERS POSSE). I was sick of the stagnating music and the commercial business in the dance scene, and turned underground, playing Experimental Acid and heavy electronic soundscapes. I was the first one who introduced this kind of music in Flanders especially in the area of Ghent and Kortrijk.

Afterwards I played more Chicago and bleepy experimental things (the early SUBHEAD releases and Cristian Vogel style).

Nowadays I love to play very different styles and like to adapt them to different atmospheres such as Experimental Ambient, Noise, Experimental Bleep Techno, Hard Breakcore Techno, forcing Drum&Bass and new school Electro.

3. You're involved in Funky Green Aliens. Who are the originators and what are its activities? Next(s) party(ies) planned?

1994 meant the beginning of FUNKY GREEN ALIENS (FGA), a party organisation/booking agency that is mainly concerned with promoting experimental music and introducing international artists to the Belgian scene. Funky Green Aliens started out with smaller events with an illegal buzz. These parties soon belonged to the most innovating in Belgium.

The founders of FGA are me and Angelo Callant (nowadays he holds an important position as a politician). Then he left FGA because he was too busy at work, the composition of FGA changed. Nowadays we work together with 6 people.

We always want to create a different atmosphere for each project (dark, confusing, funky...), with experimental electronic music as a baseline. We try to express that atmosphere in our promotional graphics, projections & decoration, in order to maintain creativity in the total concept. Every party we try to present an exclusive FUNKY GREEN ALIENS night with experimental Belgian dj's and dj's from foreign countries who play here for the first time in Belgium.

We've done already 30 parties (Neil Landstrum, The Advent ('96), Tobias Schmidt, Regis, Dave Tarrida, R-ax and Subhead ('97), Paul Damage, Umek, Acid Bastard, Zodiak, Si Begg, Search ('98)... and still working on some new ones.

4. Some projects in making music or other music related things?

For the moment we are working together with BOLWERKPRODUKTIE on a project called Remote Control (a combination between experimental film and music). Remote Control offers a forum to video-artist and gives them a chance to show their projects. Various video-installations and projections are developed in association with the environment in which they are exhibited. On our program: a various selection of short movies and animated film. The mix of styles and genres results from the different backgrounds and approaches of the participants (graphic design, ceramics, sculpture, film...). Belgian dj's and live performances supply with these films fragments a varied sound ; smooth experimental soundscapes. In the future I would like to run a label or make music but at the moment I am too busy with the office.

5. What are you favorite artists, labels, or kind of sounds?


My sound is experimental, sometimes bleepy, preferable dark.

6. What do you think of the electronic scene of today?

The normal Techno is stagnating and really sucks. Luckily you have nowadays all kinds of small independent labels which bring out innovating music. You really have to search these records because they are mostly only pressed on 500 pieces. For the moment Electro, Breakcore and even german Jungle are doing it pretty well. Techno and House music turns more and more around making money. Parties are not given only for love for music, but mostly for commercial reasons. That's why experimenting is getting more and more important.

7. Have you a shout to the attention of the readers?

Keep searching innovating music. Don't be happy with what you are served up and check your head.