INTERVIEW Marco Passarani

Marco Passarani, 27/11/2000 at the Loft in Vilvoorde (be), Roma, Italy

1. What is the artistic story of Passarani?

Basically the first time I did get in touch with something similar to Techno was the Acid House sound: I was working after school in a music/videogames shop here in Rome. Into this shop there was a friend of mine who was occasionally djing in small Acid House clubs ; he was one of my best "teacher" for music, and he let me to discover so many styles... especially electronic music and the early House stuff. He was selling me all the records he was not using anymore... and there I've found the early english Techno compilations featuring sounds coming from Detroit instead of Chicago: something big inside me was happening. Always at that time I was trying to join my passions, music and computer. I was trying to sample with a Commodore Amiga sounds coming from records made by Brian Eno or David Sylvian, Kraftwerk or Depeche Mode, using them with some "clean" beats... from Hip Hop to House. This is the very beginning of my compositions, even if it was something really "rough". Later on I had the chance to start djing (private & friends party) and then to have a little space on a very popular Techno & Dance roman radio. There I could improve everyday my skill and my taste, meeting lots of other Djs and musicians, exchanging suggestions and opinions all time.

2. What is your involvement in the label Nature?

Basically I do everything ; I manage the label, I take care of the relationship with the distributor and the promotion departments, I listen to the stuff we receive, I release my own records... it's a bit hard, but it's a very cool thing

3. How does your music is considered in countries where you usually go? And in Italy?

My music is always considered a mixture of classic IDM with Electro/Techno, and we get a good support almost everywhere. People recognise what we do and they're happy that we're fighting for electronic music in a place like Italy where most of the records coming out are cheesy & commercial... But also in Italy finally we're getting a good feedback: recently it seems that something is changing, maybe ten years of hard underground work are finally getting to us the deserved respect. I don't want everyone to like my music, what I want is to be respected and recognised as an indipendent producer.

4. What are your current and next projects?

Future projects are that I have to release more stuffs for the label regularly and also that in September is coming out my album. In November (we have a delay eheh): there is a new album coming from the Mat-101 guys. They did a new project which is called "Jolly Music". It's a totally different project from what we did in the past. It seems like a kind of funk, space, disco-funk but really electronic, and really funny at the same time. It's one year of work, it's an amazing project: with this project we'll try to bring new people listening to our sounds, because it's the same attitude but it's a different language.

Then there is the Monomorph project which is the new album from D'Arcangelo. It's an other project they do, it's more mellow, more listening, no hard, it's more for driving.

Then there's a compilation coming out on NATURE for the new year which is "Mission 3". It is the following of the other one (Mission two: connecting electronix network).

Then there are 4 records coming out on PLASMEK, it's a kind of challenge with the dance-floor. We try to do what we need when we are dj'ing. I mean, there few very good records we like and there are many records we don't like. So we try to put all the elements we like in this kind of electro-techno tracks (there will be also 5 loops on every records) the aim of the saga is to use our technique facing a classic dance themes: Electro and Techno. So we have to release our own records in order to play at a party.

Most of the time, NATURE is not for party, it's a different kind of state, it's more for the second room, where you relax, or where you do experimentations: it's food for the mind. The PLASMEK saga can be food for the feet but it's always conceived with the same attitude. Classic sound with a different approach, more into reasarch than simply groove.

5. What is your most interesting musical experience?

My most interesting experience in music was when I've been djing at the Grey Planet Festival ! It was a great festival with all the best acts in the electronic music field. There I did a performance with Andrea Benedetti and Max Durante mixing with 4 turntables, all together with no training before that time: 100% improvisation, we were "breathing" a unique and inspiring air coming from all those acts, Adult, Dopplereffekt, Keith Tucker, the SKAM crew, Like a Tim and so on... It was a unique experience I have to say...

6. What's going to happen in 2099?

We'll meet new lifeforms coming from other sides of the universe. Or we will all die on a polluted planet.
What it means? I used to release on GENERATOR as Marco Passarani, but NATURE releases were going to be a very different thing, more forward-thinking less Detroit influenced. Marvel, a brand of comics, did a futuristic version of superheroes such as Spiderman, Punisher, called Spiderman 2099, Punisher 2099... so I decided to use 2099 to underscore the differences between my productions.