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D'Arcangelo, 02.03.2002, Italy

1. As brothers, how do you work for the composition of your tracks. What are your contributions to each other?

We make tracks individually, then we have an audition together to get the final arrangement. We find this most productive as we have our own way to think of a final arrangement, it is what makes our music the way it is. Usually we do a lot of researches about the rhythm and breaks, then we apply the sound on top of it, but it could be the way around...

2. Do your personal musical influences contribute to the structures and composition of your tracks?

Sometime, has anyone else I guess, but we try not to listen to anything while we think of a composition, not to get close to anyone else's music, but for sure some influences always come up at the end...

3. Reach REPHLEX was one of your aims or did you successed it by hazard of life?

I think that REPHLEX is under the aim of all of the people who's approaching the music scene of this kind, so was for us, though there are many excellent label out there, but we met Grant Wilson Claridge unexpectedly in a shop in London. maybe was the fate in! eh!

4. What kind of material do you use generally?

We use to work with samplers and analogue gears, nowadays we use lot of selfmade-samples, combined with several music softwares, just a couple of hardware synths and 2 PC's.

5. What is your worst musical memory?

If you are referring to our own worst period well... Maybe the first release, I personally just hate it. It was nothing I wanted, too many people involved for a stupid record it was, that was one of the reason why we first left our first label, working in a studio for this kind of music is pretty stupid. We write music whenever we feel like it, the way we want, no assholes involved, nobody telling you anything about equalization and stuff. Basically studio work is a pain in the ass for us.

6. What about your future projects?

Quite few ones. This year we reach the 10th one: ten bloody years in elektronic music making, I could never though of that. A new D'Arcangelo LP is ready, but still under processing titles (we are choosing what is gonnabe like it) and a new Monomorph album is on the way to be finished. We've done a couple of remixes for Speedy j (check his site for infos)and a new ENGINE release is to be set by September maybe. While out is our D'Arcangelo "Zero to zero" EP on ORANGE records. A label from Los Angeles that maybe was difficult to find distribute it in Europe.

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