INTERVIEW Richard Devine

Richard Devine, 26/08/2002 at Alive festival, St-Vith (be), US

1. Where does your taste for electronic music comes from?

Early music acoustic like artists like Stockhausen, Morton Subnotnick, Meat Beat Manifesto, early academic experimental composers, early Detroit Techno, industrial artists like Kenny Process team.

2. What do you retain out about your experience with Aphex Twin?

I don't know, I guess: be the best it can be. He is a friend of us so he is just more to create fun music, making music that people can enjoy. Technically, interesting music that has different qualities that can be used to dance to, to teach you, instead of being for one purpose.

3. What do you have to say to those who begin in a style like yours?

Take it to the extreme, go as far as you can, don't think you're limited cause the equipment you have. I know people who use gear, and less gear than I have, just one computer to make music and it is interesting. So it's all in your mind, it has nothing to do with anything else. If you gonna do something, just do it. Go on!

Also do your homeworks, research things. If you want to do interesting music, just research. Learn to different forms of music, how does the music appeals, everything you'll research will comes out in your music.

4. You come from classical music and you do electronic music. Are you still interested in classical music?

Yes, of course, I listen to all kind of music there is, but the classical music I still do, more temporal. I played 10 years music piano, I played high instrument... It taught me the basic foundations, I learnt today my skills, my timing...

In a way, that's where I came from, basically it evolutionise in electronic music. But I still do a lot of classical music, cause it told me a lot of things.

5. What are your future projects?

I'm finishing an EP right now, a new album for WARP records in England. There's gonna be a DVD "surround sounds", that's gonna be similar, but probably more screwed up that what we've done in the past. Probably another step forward. It's gonna be interesting.

6. Which material do you use?

Software, I use everything. A Mac and a PC. I use everything for the Mac and everything for the PC, even the shitty programs. The most expensive ones and the ones who are free. There is nothing I don't use. I use every PC's software.

7. Have you got something to add for young people?

Stay in school and enjoy acid.