INTERVIEW Otto Von Schirach

Otto Von Schirach, 26/08/2002 at Alive festival, St-Vith (be), US

1. What's the origin of your name?

It's my real name. It came from Germany and it travelled to Cuba and when Fidel Castro go to power, we moved to Miami (Little Havana). I've been living there... so I'm a tropical vampire.

2. How did you landed SCHEMATIC?

I met Romolo (Ed's note: one of the managers of SCHEMATIC) selling a keyboard in the black market. I was making experimentations with an old moog in 1996 and he wanted to hear my music. Then, we just became friends and he started releasing my music. He lives in Miami too where SCHEMATIC is.

3. Which material do you use?

My older album was on a MPC2000. You can do a lot with it. I did a lot with it and then I move down to a Mac, and a PC. Now, I use Mac and PC.

4. What are you future projects?

On SCHEMATIC, I have an album coming out, called "Chopped Zombie Fungus" one of the EP's already came out. There will be three EP's, it's a trilogy.

On recent beings, more stuffs always more hip-hop nasty. I'm also working with Venetian Snares, we are making an album together, a collaboration. We only have a couple of songs finished. First we started, we wanted to do an EP, but now, we want to do an album.

5. You have also made a tour with Venetian Snares. What was interesting for you in doing this tour in the USA?

It was nice. We met a lot of people, a lot of freaks, in San Francisco. It's not like here: it was huge and everybody was there to hear fucked up noise and fucked up sound.

6. With which artists do you want to collaborate?

With Tom Weits, Mr. Bungle... Now, I would like to collaborate with Eazy-E from NWA (Ed's note: precursor of gangsta hip- hop).

7. How do people perceive your music?

I don't know. When I'm on tour, I see a lot of freaks. In Milwaukee, I had a marshpit when I was playing with Venetian Snares.

8. Do you have something to add, a personal reflection?

Clean your earwax and entertain yourself as much as you can.