INTERVIEW Funkstörung

Funkstörung, 26/08/2002 at Alive festival, St-Vith (be), DE

1. What is your interest in mixing and remixing differents artists as Björk, Speedy J...?

Just make fun and it pays our rent, so we've got a lot of fun doing remixes for different people because you learn a lot from it, you can get different influences like: Speedy J, we get techno influence, Björk, we got very pop influences and jazz influence.

Other people just stay to do something similar when they do their own tracks and we get the chance to de plein of collaborations when we do remixes, that's perfect for us. We really learn a lot from it so that's my major interest to get, that's make fun to do remixes of Hip-Hop, Rock, Pop.

2. Who did you proceed to the making of the album?

It's not a album, it's just a compilation of remixes that we did last three, four years, I don't know. The artist Josas has asked us to get a Funkstörung remixes and we said that was a good idea to do a Techno production. We compiled our favourite remixes. It's time again to do another compilation so actually we want to collect Techno productions too.

3. Did you bring each the same contribution in the productions of Funkstörung?

Both minds did merge to create the Funkstörung. I think we are in the result as well, but we are like Yin and Yang. We could say we are different type of persons. I think we are a good team, we can do music on our own but it doesn't make that much fun. We are making music for 8 or 10 years, I think. It was in '92 or '93... a very long time!

4. What are your projects?

The Funkstörung album is coming out next year, but we have to work on it. I'm currently working on a DVD. I want to do like a DVD project together with 7, 8, 9 different video artists. I want to do an album, maybe a solo one, but Andreas is slow. For each track, an artist would do a video for it on DVD and Dolby Surround. That are my plans but it's fucking complicated to do.

5. You bring musical experience and you work with video artists?

Yes, it's not really like a corporation: I'm doing the first music, they're doing the videos. Some of them are doing first the videos and I do the music. So you'll see, that are my plans but I don't know when this work will be finished, I'm so slow!

We are going to have a lot of lives, concerts and take our holidays in August and September (we are off!). We have a tour in September and October if we are lucky, Australia in November.

6. What is your worst and best memory?

Concerts? We have a few really, really bad concerts. Especially at the beginning of our career, we played for nobody, only the people who were working at the bar. That was a really bad experience. Another one: We had a problem with the main sequencer just one hour before the concert! We had very good experiences like playing in Singapour, it was a strange experience playing for a totally different looking people. First time New-York was absolutely amazing, it's one of our best kicks, play in Brooklyn bridge, it was one of the parts of the Brooklyn bridge, and inside there was the room where we played. We've got really, really good experiences and a few bads. That's life. That's normal, I think!

7. Are you still going to do concerts?

That's quite funny, almost now! We have materials easier to use and more practical. For example : laptop computers and small beat box. Some years ago, we used beat box, synthesizer and sequencers. It was really more difficult to lead.

The word of the end: don't take it to seriously, it is just music, normal music.