DJ Vadim, 26/08/2002 at Alive festival, St-Vith (be), RU

1. What is the origin of your name?

That's my real name, it's not a secret, it's a russian name.

2. What's your musical background?

I'm being dj'ing now for 14-15 years so I started dj'ing Hip-Hop and then going to Jazz and Funk and I got a little band of breakbeats, scratching into Reggae and Jungle stuff. But it's always the same, a mixture, it depends on the crowd, and the club, on the venue, on the day.

Today, it's pretty cool, cause the people are pretty opened, so I could play whatever I want, it was the jungle belt on Hip- Hop.

Yesterday, I was in Budapest, It was more a Hip-Hop crowd so I couldn't play what I want. It's nice to play a mixture, that's what I do.

I started the russian vacation in 1999, to promote my album. The last album on NINJA TUNE. We did a big tour, we went around the world, hundred and hundred of shows. We have a drummer, a keyboard player, a double-bass player -Killaz- who is doing is own thing now, and me and Mr Thing on turntables. We take a sampler, a drum-machine, and affection stuff.

There is a progression from the last show. We try to mix like conventional instruments like drums and keys, with turntables to promote the new album. This is "The Art of listening" that comes out on NINJA TUNE on September 2003 all over Europe.

After the Pukkelpop, we do Paris, Thaïland, Malaysia, Singapour, China, New Zealand, Africa, Indonesia, then we came back to Europe and United Kingdom, and next year, we are going twelve weeks in America and Canada, then we will go to the South America, then to the Eastern Europe for 12-14 weeks.

It's cool when I go to countries throughout the world. I saw people doing Hip-Hop in South Africa, in Pakistan, India. It's not as strange as people doing Hip-Hop in Belgium or Germany cause we have radios and developped countries. When you think about people in Pakistan. There's probably Hip-Hop in Afghanistan and in the Pole. I think it would be. It seems to be everywhere, it's very global.

I enjoy when I'm in tour in India. There are people interested in spoken words, dj stuff, not as much as people in Belgium, America and France. That's pretty crazy when you think one billion people are living in India. People think Hip-Hop is all about America, but America is only a quarter of India.

3. Which material do you use?

Turntables, Roland 303, samples, buzz guitar paddles, some effects and delays, a Pioneer CDJ-1000.

4. Which artist did influence you?

Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis, James Brown, The Doors, some stuff from the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Parliament, George Clinton, Black Sabbath, Aerosmith, early stuff of Metallica


People who were doing Hip-Hop before Public Enemy, De la Soul, dj Premiere, Dr Dre... Also Adam F., Robert Hood, Jeff Mills, Kid Koala, Dj Food...

I try to take something from everywhere, I've been dj'ing for a long time. Now people use to play house, hip- hop, groove in the same set.

5. Except your world tour, do you have other future projects?

Vadim: Euh... No. I'm touring non-stop. The album comes out in September. I'm also working with different people, with an Mc " Juice " in Chicago...

Sh.Out: Did you play in Russia?

Vadim: Yes, I played a few times in St-Petersburg, Moscow and Katherinsburg (Siberia).

Sh.Out: How is the scene in Siberia?

Vadim: I've been there once, it was cold, it was -40°C. It's cool, I travelled a lot. I'm going to play in Kiev (Ukraine).

Sh.Out: How is the russian scene?

Vadim: It's very good! But in Russia, it's very difficult cause there is no infrastructure for informations. That's the biggest problem in Russia. It's far away from Europe, and the country is too big. It's not like in Belgium, where you can drive for one side to another in only 3 or 4 hours. In Russia, it's not like that, there is a lot of time for informations to arrive, there are not a lot of websites, magazines...

They have a big problem with import music, people buy pirats cause it's too expensive. But most of the pirats are the big-sellings artists.