Doormouse, 21/12/2002 at Roeselare (be), US

1. You collaborated with many artists. What did you retain from it?

Friendship is what i retain from it. Most people with i've been working have been my friends before. That's a good way to stay in contact to share sounds, share samples, ideas... It's a good way to keep the creating process.

2. Did they influence you on your music?

Yes, all influence everything: driving down the street, waking up in the morning... everything you do in your life.

3. Do you have other projects, collaborations?

The next project is with Otto Von Schirach. I did a remix for him, on SCHEMATIC. This gonna be hopefully spending Sunday afternoons together for writing songs and hopefully something will come out of that. That is the next collaboration.

Then people I meet who give me sounds and I give them sounds, and they have remix for me and I make remix for them.

Some comes out, some does not. That depends on what's good or not.

4. What do you think about the electronic commercial music?

DM: Hum... It can be good or bad. For smaller labels, they have one song, picked up by a car company or whatever, the granted corporation sucks. But you put the money in something much more creative. I can agree with it, but the comercialization is bad cause it leads to exploitation.

Shout: For instance, Aphex Twin has been joined to an advertisement...

DM: Everything takes unfortunately in this world, in Electronic music, it takes money to press records, to put records out and in that aspect it can be good, and that also get in people's head when they want to do the wrong things and get money. I think celebrity can change people. In that aspect, it's definitely bad.

5. Where did you play in Europe, which countries and how the people reacted to your music?

DM: Oh, this summer, I came first to France, and it was to play to a party in Renne. It was excellent, very good reaction, a lot of people very into the music, then we went to Italy which was a nightmare. Then we play in Belgium. And we went to Austria, that was good, I played at 5 in the morning, so it was a little sleepy, i still have a good time, it was a very good show. It integrated a lot of art, they also had a small film festival.

This time 4 shows in Britain. We did Bristol which was very small but very fun, then London, very cool. I played in a place called the Garage, interesting people, a lot of nice people, forward people, interesting to talk to. Then Manchester, which was a hard core party. Some of the people were a bit strange, like suckers hooligans, shave-head... I always heard about that, but i never seen people like that before in the States. I turn my head and it was funny and interesting to watch them dance.

Then we went to Nottingham to the Moog Bar, very cool people and very good food as well. Then we came over on Wednesday.

Here, I got to go to Bruges, which is touristic, but it's nice to see all Europe. We don't get all this architecture in America. Architecture is all the same. I like Europe. People tend to have much more heads on their shoulders than in the States. There is a lot of ignorance in most of America.

Shout: In America, the people in the parties, is it the same as here or is there a big difference?

DM: It depends where we play, in my home town in Milwaukee, it's a kind of illegacy of having good hard music and experimental music. But after we came to Europe last Summer, we went around USA, it was very mixtury. Some people don't like it all, some places never heard like Texas, George Bush's home state. We played in Austin and we were surprised that a lot of people that never heard the music, were into it and loved it.

New-York and Los Angeles have both, such big cities and have large scene more experimental.

6. Do you use software or hardware material? or both?

Computer. I have one synthetizer that i use for sounds and I also make recordings with a MD recorder and a small microphone. I take those sounds like people talking... No hardware, I never have besides trumpet.

7. What are your future releases and projects?

The next thing I'm doing is a CD called "Freaked Out Mess" on my own label called ADDICT. We have two labels : DISTORT and ADDICT. The one after that will be a Venetian Snares 7" on ADDICT, then a split between me and Otto Von Schirach, then I don't know.

Shout: Do you have projects with Venetian Snares?

DM: No, we do remix for each other. He lives far away.