INTERVIEW Jamie Lidell

Jamie Lidell, 12/03/2003, COUNTRY

1. When and why did you start doing electronic music?

I was about 8, got into using my mum's tape deck together with my sister's recording a bit of singin n shit onto one belting it out of the other recording it back into the other then into the other then the other until it was just load of hiss, voices fighting through the noise... so err nothing's changed right!

2. How did you arrive at Warp records? Did it open doors to you?

Well, it was one of those lucky breaks for sure like everything has been so far for me in the music world I had been making this album for my mate Hardy...he was part of the spymania record crew...opened me up to a lot of fucked up music. A deeply decent chap. He asked me to make a record for them for spymania I said shit yeah...and made them muddlin gear I gave a copy to my mate matt yee king he gave it to mr squarepusher he dug it gave it to warp they dug it ... the rest as they say is history .. doors opening? well, I'm a slow writer it appears, so far i have no follow up record for warp, so until then I am kind of a live bloke...I need new records out before the label can really help to open them doors to the promised land.

3. You are collaborating with Christian Vogel, How do you work together? With which machines?

Working together is the key. we only operate in the same physical space. we so far avoided the interweb///sending parts shit maybe we'll do this

studios are getting plump I have one so does cris mine is more mic driven cris has the big board together we coax magic by pushing the pixels it's a computer vs microphone thing

4. What is your best musical experience?

Seeing rahzel ... just incredible

5. How are you working in order to do live-acts?

It's a unique black dada box of mafisto magic I sing into very important!
I allow my hands to wander
there is sweat and there are tears in the mixer after a show
since it is the risk
that's what it is
I am the tightrope guy
now I leave the safety net at home
some people don't enjoy the circus
nor do I
so the model breaks down but the risk is the funk
I try and create a mood where it could (and often it does)
fall apart

too much planning makes lidell a dull boy etc!

it's old boxes being fed into a brand new silver box that makes the 70's melt into a big naughty hiss! ah year 8 years new again

6. How do you imagine the electronic music in ten years?

We might get a white noise number one...perhaps with a tiny bunch of voices in the mix you all know how to make this now just ask yer mum first

7. What about your future projects?

Of course they will happen later... i try and just through the day without going grey! I will do 5 records for warp it will take 15 years that is the plan I am already a little grey by the time I am finished I will be like status quo

8. Except music, have you got other passions (which ones)?

I build things sometimes
boxes mostly
I find this relaxing
I look at the nature
smell the nature
sometimes even taste the nature
the nature is my passion
that and smoking
what a great combo
thing is you see
or sport hates me
one or the other
I also enjoy animals that hiss