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Artiste, Titre Date Auteur
Bong Ra, Old-skool Armageddon15.11.2004Air-V
The Bug featuring Warrior Queen, Aktion Pak15.11.2004Nickynutz
Dither, Amek15.11.2004Lowrent
Enduser, Bollywood Breaks15.11.2004JaK/Bioxyd
The Hacker, Rêves Mecaniques15.11.2004Cédric
Larvae, Fashion Victim15.11.2004Lowrent
PI8, Meet Lucile15.11.2004E-vline
Somatic Responses, Engaging The Enemy15.11.2004Air V
Squarepusher, Venus No. 1715.11.2004Lou Ridder
V/A, How Good The World Could Be Again15.11.2004JaK/Bioxyd
V/A, Polymorphic 1/315.11.2004P-log