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Post-log!q is a dj playing at alternative events, mostly electronic ones. He covers many genres in Electronic such as Breakbeat, Electro, Industrial, Drum&Bass, Dub Techno and Electronica but he is also fan of New Wave, Synth-pop, Ska, Reggae, Alternative Rock...

the story so far...

Post-log!q comes from Liège and begun playing during the summer of 1995 at the age of 17. This marked the debut of his first real involvement in the music scene, rather than the beginning of his interest in the music for itself.

Post-log!q's first step towards public performance really took off in 1996 when he joined "House Vortex" radio show at radio Charlemagn'rie (Herstal). Music selection was played the same way as dj sets, and complete freedom allowed him to share his electronic discoveries from this time. This weekly activity was also a first experience for him as both speaker and interviewer. This lasted until 1998.

1997 saw the first attempt in party organisation with the birth of K-OTIK VIBES (Bioxyd, AC Dryk, Innerland, Offset...). KV was devoted to Industrial and Experimental music and put up 3 parties in 1997 and 1998.

In 1999, the first contact with NBC also coincided with the discovery of La Zone, which is definitely the darkest place in Liège, and an interesting meeting point for the Indusrial-Gothic-Punk scene. The same year, sets played on Radio Equinoxe were also the chance for Post-log!q to meet Hugo and Laurent on Radio Equinoxe, the heads of the from now on PANOPTIC.

In spring 2000, Post-log!q launched the non profit organisation SHADOW OUTPOST with Bioxyd and Evelyne. SHADOW OUTPOST (shOut) is the most ambitious project he has yet undertaken. This year saw the birth of many new and important projects, such as the fanzine The Shout, the organisation of shOut's biggest party in October, and shOut's web site.

2001, like the previous year, was a hard working year on SHADOW OUTPOST. Post-log!q brang his knowledge as graphist to the layout of The Shout fanzine, to the design of flyers and banners for the association, and to the management of the web site.

2002 is a turning point for him as he narrows his collaboration with shOut. The goal of this retreat is to allow him to better place his energy into the development of the web site. Of course,Post-logiq continues reviewing electronic releases for The Shout and is first and foremost a DJ!

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